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Art for fighting climate change

I find that most people, aware and despairing about Climate Change, are in a state of paralysis. It is clear that simply recycling our own cans, and other 'personal responsibility' actions are not enough to solve the climate disasters we are experiencing and facing. Yet most of us don’t know about the robust, well-studied, collective and individual solutions to climate change that already exist.


My series on Climate Solutions is intended to educate and inspire concrete action and change. “Restore the Prairies” is the first piece in this series. 


A QR code is intentionally part of this image, so that viewers may scan it and be directed towards a blog post with a host of resources, including concrete ways to take action.

Art for justice in Palestine and Israel

I am Jewish, and I love being Jewish. 

Though it claims to act (and exist) in my defense, the state of Israel does not represent me. As Ruth Wilson Gilmore says, "Where life is precious, life is precious." A Jewish ethno-state practicing apartheid and committing genocide is the wrong legacy for our families and ancestors who were murdered during centuries of oppression against Jews.


Join me and Jewish Voice for Peace in working towards a just peace for everyone who lives between the river and the sea.

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Art for Abolition

It's time to stop investing in systems of policing that fundamentally undermine real safety for our communities; particularly communities of color, queer, transgender and disabled communities. 

What will be possible when we compost the immense resources currently spent on policing? We can invest in projects and policies that value life, support people and communities in thriving, and transform conflict and violence by addressing root causes and practicing restoration and healing. We will all be safer as a result.


I recommend this podcast to learn more: 

One Million Experiments 

Art to help us imagine and build a better world.

What other Art for Activism should I make?

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