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Custom Artwork

You dream it, I make it!

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Custom Wallpaper

The deepest reflection of your vision for your home, and the ultimate luxury: custom wallpaper! 

Define the color palette, imagery, or scale you want: I hand paint images, then digitize them to create the wallpaper pattern of your dreams. Available on several wallpaper bases, from Peel and Stick to traditional non-pasted - even gold and silver!

Custom Textiles

You have a particular vision for an article of clothing, upholstery, curtains, or more. I will hand-paint the images or patterns you want, then manipulate them digitally to create seamlessly repeating surface patterns. 

Available on a wide range of fabric bases, including: quilting cotton, cotton voile, linen/cotton canvas, recycled canvas, seersucker, satin, velvet, and more!

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Custom Artwork

Is there a person you want to memorialize with a portrait?

A beloved place you want to be reminded of

with an original piece of art? 

An image or idea you can't get our of your head? 

I will work with you to define the artwork you want me to create - then use whatever media we decide is most relevant (watercolor, drawing, collage, textiles, beading, etc.) to make it. 

Tell me more! 

Interested in custom work? Fill out this form to get started.

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